Sell Penny Prima® Products at Your Dance Studio or Dancewear Store

There are two ways to become a Penny Prima Reseller and introduce the Penny Prima collection of products to your studio community.

Studio Affiliate Reseller

Becoming a studio affiliate reseller is an easy way to make extra revenue for your studio.  You will receive a 10% commission for each order placed through from your studio's special affiliate link.  There are no upfront costs and all ordering, customer service, manufacturing, logistics, packaging, and shipping are handled by our team in New York. We support your studio with a robust marketing toolkit with social media graphics, email templates, video commercials, flyers, and more to promote Penny Prima products within your studio and drive sales to your affiliate link.  Get started in just minutes!

Click here to apply to be a studio affiliate reseller

Wholesale Reseller

As a wholesale reseller, you can sell Penny Prima products at your in-studio boutique or Dancewear store.  Ordering Penny Prima products at wholesale prices raises your profit margin on items that are designed to sell.  

Click here to become a wholesale retailer.